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YooHoo VOD 2 (S1, Ep.13~22)

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Introducing YooHoo: Edu-tainment fun for toddlers and pre-school children available on the iPad or iPhone. Designed by the award winning team at Cotton Interactive, this colorful 3D animation is intended to teach 1-6 year olds about protection & preservation of the environment through the adventures of YooHoo & Friends.YooHoo is the leader of the species of endangered animals who go on adventures to save the world of Yootopia through the bonds of friendship, harmony, honesty and courage.
★ Who is it for?YooHoo & Friends is designed for 5-12 year olds, but certainly appeals to all ages.
★ YooHoo & Friends : Episode 13 ~ 22 (Only Korean Animation)- Searching for Oasis-1- Searching for Oasis-2- Riddles of the Pyramid- Finding the Fairy’s Chimneys- Spooky Vampire Bats- Green Seed under the Water- Rooney the Musician- Libee the Dandy- Whose Green Seed Pouch is it?- Secrets of the Altamira Cave